Tailors to the Trinity House Guild

We have recently been invited to become the official tailors to the Guild of Brethren at Trinity House, Hull.

Trinity House has a long standing history within the city (c.1169), serving as a charity supporting seafarers in need. Their headquarters on Trinity House Lane in Hull is a sight to behold, brimming with artefacts and antiquities collected from it's long and proud history of seafaring over many centuries. It has been said that the house itself could be considered a museum in it's own right.

To read more about the history and the charitable work of Trinity House, follow this link: https://www.trinityhousehull.org.uk/


Alongside administering the charity and estate of Trinity House, the Guild of Elder Brethren perform a ceremonial role within the city, and an official uniform must be worn to perform this duty. 

Like all ceremonial uniforms, a very specific cloth, button and trimming must be used in it's creation, closely following a set of rules passed down for centuries.

It has been our honour to create a new uniform for each Captain we have met, and to learn more about the wonderful work of the House and Charity with each fitting.

Each uniform must have an exact number of buttons which have been specially made for Trinity House.

Cuff finishing of a uniform in progress.

Trimming of a uniform in progress.

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