Bespoke Tailoring does not need to be the preserve of the male wardrobe.

Outside of the wedding dress and perhaps the evening gown, women rarely commission their wardrobe pieces, when in reality we have the more difficult bodies to fit into ready-to-wear clothing.

At Cock of the Walk we are working hard to change this thinking. 

There is nothing more powerful than walking into a room wearing clothing that has been cut especially for you, fitted to your body how you prefer and every inch inspected by a group of tailors before it leaves the workroom.

It is then up to you to style your pieces however you wish.

If you aren't the traditional white wedding dress kind of bride, it may be worth considering creating your own special piece with a Bespoke Tailor.

We have created many pieces over the years for women wanting elegant clothing that is unique, well fitted and comfortable.

There is nothing as feminine as a beautifully cut suit that holds you in all the right places.

Think of it as engineering with cloth, with added style and comfort.

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