Wedding, Business or Just for the hell of it?

Wedding Suits.

At Cock of the Walk, our experienced tailors are at your service to guide you through creating the most important ensemble you may ever wear.

We begin with a consultation to ascertain your tastes, style and preferences. From here we can curate a cloth selection from our vast library of cloth books which we know will shape and tailor exactly to how you envisage.

As every cut and stitch is made by our hands, we are open to creating anything from the bold and impactful, to the most conservative which subtle detail means everything. 

We have created hundreds of wedding suits and ensembles, so be assured to see us as your safety net. Our customer has the freedom to have as much or as little input as they would like.

Photograph kindly provided by Lucy and Sebastian Musil, by E and K Weddings.

Business Suits.

With some business dress codes relaxing and others maintaining a permanent state of formality, it is our job to navigate your world of business.

We create pieces which best reflect your character, ambitions and the personality you would like to project whilst working within the tight parameters of your professional world.

Our Bespoke suits feature a full body canvas which, with increased wear become like a suit of armour as the canvas moulds to your shape through the warmth and pressure of your body.

Be assured that our team of tailors have scrutinised you in your suit from every angle before we are happy for it to leave our workroom and into your possession.

Just for the hell of it.

We truly believe at Cock of the Walk, that even the flimsiest of occasions is a great excuse to be finely turned out in Bespoke Tailoring.

From a Friday night curry to a spot of pavement peacocking, we are here for your sartorial needs.

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