The Autumn/Winter Season is Upon Us

Many do not meet the change from the warmer summer season to autumn with much enthusiasm. But each new season brings with it a host of great new cloths and designs for us to work with.

Here are our picks for the new season from one of our fantastic suppliers, Holland & Sherry:

Corduroys & moleskin

This year, for the first time, the range will include corduroy primarily made from cotton but with the added benefit of 2% elastane. This will offer added durability and – perhaps most importantly – garments will retain their shape.

Moleskins will come in a variety of weights and colours such as autumnal chestnut and classic lovat. They provide comfort and warmth, perfect for outdoor attire.

Luxury Velvet

Perfect for formal events or occasions when you really need to look the part. This includes a luxurious colour range such as purples, reds, blues, maroon, mauve and Persian blue.


A collection that has been designed with the city in mind; it possesses both handmade quality and durability. The cloth is woven in a 2/2 twill, from a 60/2 nm yarn in warp and weft.

There is an extensive range of stripes in classic navies and grays. It also includes aubergine with a purple stripe. Competitively priced, this range is accessible to most.


A collection of contemporary check designs in Saxon Merino Wool with a flannel finish. This allows great scope for creativity, it’s comfortable to wear, has a good drape and has excellent crease recovery qualities.

Classic Flannel

A mix of classic and contemporary comprise this collection of coloured solids. They are less hairy and lighter than other flannel options. Comfortable and warm to wear, this apparel is always popular for the winter season.

Ascot Classic

Classically coloured and styled in gun club and glen plaid design alongside a more contemporary offering too. They fit both city and countryside settings with a traditional, timeless appeal.


A colourful range of silks, lurex and cottons suitable for any occasion. Perfect wardrobe staples for the business professional. 

City of Culture visit Cock of the Walk

City of Culture pay Visit to our Workshop 

Last week some of the guys form the Hull City of Culture team visited Cock of the Walk. They came to the workshop in Grimston Street to ask owner Gillian Long, 'what makes you happy?'

In short, nothing makes her happier than giving clients a suit that reflects their personality and - ultimately - makes them happy

For Gillian, happiness isn't just about money or even success in the typical sense of the word. Happiness is derived more from successfully helping a client find their perfect suit.

Clothes are a fantastic medium of expression and what could be more expressive than a suit designed to an individual's specific tastes and requirements? At Cock of the Walk, we pride ourselves on a fully bespoke service; customers can choose everything from lining, materials, buttons and shape to tell the world exactly who they are.

As a non-native to Hull (Gillian originally comes from Manchester) the City of Culture team were interested to hear about her background too.

Having been brought up during the Thatcher years, Hull - with its thriving fishing industry - seemed like an attractive prospect to her parents. So they relocated to the city in the late 80s.

As someone with a long held interest in making clothes, a career in the fashion industry was inevitable. Having established an interest in menswear, she went on to serve her apprenticeship at Gieves and Hawkes on London's prestigious Savile Row.

Spending the next few years honing her technique she was soon ready to launch Cock of the Walk and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Want to know more? You can see the full video here. [link to video] Or if you want to see for yourself what makes us happy then just drop in to the workshop at 9 Grimston Street, Hull.

At Cock of the Walk, we have created our own patterns and blocks from extensive measuring and fitting of today's gentlemen. All of our blocks are based on the proportions of the modern man, and we employ an in-house model to enable us to continue to update our house styles frequently. These blocks are merely the starting point of the Semi-Bespoke journey as each garment is still cut to our customers measurements.

In addition to the cut, we include some of the Hand Finishing techniques employed in the Full Bespoke level of tailoring.

Some of the details found in both a Semi and Full Bespoke garment are:

Hand Stitched Edges

Hand Padded Undercollar

Hand Felled Linings

D-Tacked Pockets

Hand Pitched Sleeves

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